The Road to M.Ed Begins

Yesterday was New Student Orientation for the entering cohort of the UHM COE Masters of Ed Tech cohort of which I’m very privileged to be a member. We officially start our 2 – 3 year journey next Tuesday 14 members strong. Will all 14 of us walk that aisle in 2010 or 2011 newly minted Masters graduates? We shall see.

As many of you who’s followed me for a while know, I work in the Educational Technology field so pursuing this degree is a chance for me to build upon formally the skills I’ve intuitively followed in my career. It’s also a chance to “formally” join my colleagues as a trained academic in this field as I’ve worked professionally with many of the faculty/staff in the field for the past few years. For me, in many ways, it’s a chance to expand upon my skills and an opportunity to formally “join the club.”

At yesterday’s Orientation our 15 member cohort had a chance to meet with the 15 member and about 6 member cohorts of the Online Masters and PhD programs respectively. Having lurked in the department for a few years now by attending workshops and enrolling in some classes I’ve had a chance to get a good “feel” for the type of people coming through the program. I was really encouraged to see the large number of people from the rural Neighbor Island communities getting a chance to enroll in the program, particularly those who like me are of Kanaka Maoli descent.

It was a great day as I had a chance to mingle with some old mentors (two sadly and noticeably present 😦 Program alumni, many who graduated years ago and are thriving in their careers stopped by to share tales of how the program helped launch their careers by strapping the proverbial “rocket to their butts” which is always inspiring. Current students and recent grads shared their “war stories” of the program.

Looking at my classmates we’re at about 60% female and 40% male with a slight slant toward the mid-20 age range (as you’d expect in a graduate program). Most people are teachers looking to develop technical skills as opposed to me as I’m a tech looking to develop educational skills 🙂

As long-time readers know this is my 3rd shot at a graduate degree as it was 8 years ago this time that I enrolled in the MSIS program at HPU and it was 3.5 years ago that started my MBA journey. Glutton for punishment? Yes.

For an old hat who’s done grad school a few times too many it’s nothing new for me but we’ll see how my luck and skill hold up this time around. Being older and wiser I know how the game works but I know my particular challenge will be balancing my ever increasing workload with the challenges of school and my ever-increasing challenges of family…

Stay tuned as I’ll re-launching my “Learning Journal” posts now that I’m back in school for a 3rd graduate degree go-around.


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