The Learning Log: ICT – Information and Communication Technology

Tonight’s session in ETEC 600 revolved around ICT. Our instructor, Dr. Fulford, presented the model and ICT matrix which contains 4 approaches across 8 different uses in an education system. Presented for your perusal is the model:

Approach Emerge Apply Integrate Transform
Development Plans and Policies
Facilities and Resources
Staff Development
Community Involvement

For me what I found most interesting about hearing this model (I dropped the ball and didn’t read the chapter, so sue me, I’m busy) was seeing the full spectrum of technology adoption and integration on a campus from the beginning stages of “Emerging” to the complete “Transforming” stage. Hearing of the characteristics of each stage through Dr. Fulford’s lecture really affirmed for me some of the things I’ve seen and experienced in my job as a campus tech coordinator the past few years. A lot of tech initiatives start at teh grassroots level with a few early adopters doing things (such as myself) in the Emerging stage. As people see all the great things the early adoption does it picks up steam and more and more people jump on board the train (which leads us into the subsequent stages of Applying, Integrating and Transforming respectively as the technology diffuses further).

Hearing her lecture kinda reminded me of the Roberta Flack song, “Killing Me Softly” as she definitely sang about my life the past two years in my Tech Coordinator gig. I am most DEFINITELY trying to bridge between “Emerging” and “Applying” stage as far as getting more people to drink my Kool-Aid. But you know, with all the initiatives regarding recruitment and retention driving things I think people will be VERY receptive to the things I have to share with them over the next year.

Stay tuned.


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