Episode Review: Heroes – “The Second Coming” and “The Butterfly Effect”

Quote: “Stop punishing me for something I haven’t done yet” – Ando

Good times are ahead as with no writer’s strike in the way, Heroes has graced us with its return for a 3rd season.

NBC treated us to a triple dose of Heroes love with a 1 hour “Countdown” special and two-hour premiere featuring two episodes of Heroes goodness: “The Second Coming” and “The Butterfly Effect.”

Storyline Tracker (spoilers if you haven’t watched it yet)

Nathan: In the titular storyline of the premiere, post assassination attempt Nathan sees the Power of Christ compelling him to raise from the dead to Spread the Gospel. He also starts to channel Cole Sear and starts to see dead people as Linderman makes his return from Season One. Nathan is propositioned by the debuting Tracy Strauss to become the newly appointed junior Senator of New York.

Mohinder: With the help of Maya’s genes he develops a serum that gives the average person powers. He injects himself and turns himself into Spider-Man apparently. The side effect? He becomes a major mac daddy and scores himself some hot Latina love action from Maya.

Hiro and Ando: Discontent with taking over his father’s corporation and feeling the need for adventure Hiro learns of his family’s role in protecting the world from a dangerous secret falling into the wrong hands. He finds the secret only to have it stolen from him by a super-speed toting femme fatale (doh!!!). Morever, he heads to the future to see what happens only to see yet another Post-Apocalyptic world where a super-powered Ando kills him (???).

Sylar: Back to full power Sylar acquires the one power he’s dreamed off — Claire’s regenerative abilities. He embarks on the hunt again to take more powers but is taken down (mishappenly) by Mr. Bennett and Elle and is detained by the Company.

Elle and Mr. Bennett: They take down Sylar. Bennett gets ready to go after the Level 5 escapees. Elle finds herself on the unemployment line with a nasty facial scar courtesy of Sylar.

Matt Parkman: Exiled by Future Peter to the Sahara Parkman comes across yet another Precog painter and has a hilarious encounter with a turtle.

Peter Petrelli: The season opener reveals it was Future Peter who comes to take out his brother to stop an Apocalyptic Future from happening. Like in all his incarnations Future Peter is one bad mofo and he locks away current Peter in the body of one of the Villains on Level 5.

Claire: Following her encounter with Sylar Claire no longer feels any pain when injured and starts to question her own humanity.

Question Threads

While addressing questions we’ve had, like any other good storyline we are left with more questions to ask and an equal amount of questions unanswered:

1. Is Nikki Sanders and Tracy Strauss the same person? They look alike. They act alike. Nikki Sanders was last seen in a burning building at the end of Season 2. You could make a strong claim that Tracy Strauss is yet another one of poor Nikki’s 8 million personalities aside from the fact Tracy has a different power (cryokinesis). So, are they two different people or has Nikki manifested two bad @$$ powers? If they are different people, where is Nikki?

2. Where are Micah and Monica? (Last seen escaping the same burning building Nikki was in).

3. What makes Claire so special? Sylar told her she was special and could never die. Future Claire was also very caught up in her “specialness” before attempting to blow Peter away.

4. What’s the deal with Linderman and Nathan Petrelli? Is Nathan plain crazy and just “seeing” things in terms of Linderman or is Linderman’s spirit legitimately following and guiding Nathan from beyond?

5. Who is this mysterious precog African Shaman who’s taken Parkman under his wing?

6. What is this mysterious secret formula the Nakamura clan has guarded for years? Who does the mysterious speedster work for that wants it?

7. What are these two futures we’ve seen: the future that Future Peter comes from and the one seen by Hiro? Are they related? Can they be prevented? SHOULD they be prevented?

8. The Level 5 villains? Mr. Bennett says they can destroy the world and make Sylar look like kindergarten in comparison. Angela Petrelli saw a future where they’ve basically killed all our Heroes as we know them. That’s spooky. Just who are these baddies? What are their powers and what are their intentions?

9. What happened to the villain (Jesse) whose body Peter is inhabiting? Is he dead? Does Peter still retain his own powers within that guy’s body?  Bennett told Claire you “don’t want to know what Jesse can do.”  Just how bad is Jesse?

10. Mr. Bennett was locked up on Level 5 with the rest of the “Villains.” What does that say about Bennett’s “dangerousness.” lol

11.  With Bennett going after these baddies the Haitian can’t be far behind from making his return.

12.  Is Angela REALLY Sylar’s mama???

Lines of the Night

In a wink-nudge to Season One, the writer’s forever dispelled how it is that Sylar’s acquired other people’s powers through this brilliant exchange when Sylar captures Claire to take her power.

Claire (with head ripped open): “Are you going to eat it?”

Sylar: “Eat your brain? Claire that’s disgusting.”

Another awesome exchange came at the expense of Parkman who’s on the verge of dying in the African wilderness:

Disembodied Voice seemingly from the turtle: “That plant there, it will give you water.

Parkman (awaking, dying of thirst): “Thank you turtle!!! You saved my life!!!

Shaman: “Why are you talking to a turtle?

A final hilarious exchange comes between Hiro and Ando as they attempt to track down the speed vixen:

Ando: “Does Batman put Robin in danger when he sets a trap for Catwoman?

Hiro: “Sometimes. To teach him a lesson.

Ando: “Stop punishing me for something I haven’t done yet!

Hiro: “Don’t kill me and I won’t punish you!

Coming Up Next

Heroes is back 🙂 Monday’s just got a lot more fun. Can’t wait till tomorrow’s episode 🙂


2 responses to “Episode Review: Heroes – “The Second Coming” and “The Butterfly Effect”

  1. nice review. my theory on nikki/jessica/tracey is that its some sort of reincarnation power. every time she dies, she gets a new personality and a new power, and each power is related inversely to how she was killed (jessica weak, nikki strong, nikki burnt, tracy ice power).

    and definitely the most funny (and cheesy) line was from the african dude and his plug of show sponsor Sprint. “No signal. I should’ve went with Sprint”. LAME! hehe.

  2. Interesting theory. Makes sense to me 🙂 We’ll see. And yeah, the Sprint comment was hilarious but the turtle bit took the cake for me 🙂

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