Episode Review: Knight Rider – “A Knight in Shining Armor”

Quote: “Michael Long? Sounds like a pornstar.” – Zoe Chae

After the success of the 2008 film pilot, Knight Rider is back on air in it’s 3rd and most successful tv revival to date.

Show Premise

For those of you too young (oh my god…) to remember the original 80’s Knight Rider series it was
the show that forever put David Hasselhoff on the map. The series, in both incarnations, basically follows the story of a guy with a really cool car and team of back-end supporters fighting to protect the everyday common person and save the world from the bad guys.

New World, New Knight
If you missed both the pilot movie and the season premiere, the new series follows the adventures of Mike Traceur who in the storyline is the estranged son of Michael Knight. Traceur is a former Iraq War vet who gets recruited to carry on his father’s legacy and is awarded a new version of K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Three Thousand).

The Producers of Knight Rider seemed primed to make this go around of Knight Rider a success where other syndicated sequels have failed. The new K.I.T.T. is about 80X cooler from the original as it’s able to morph itself into different vehicles through the power of nanotechnology. Capitalizing on the success of other successful spy/government ops shows like Alias and 24 the series has included a colorful cast of supporting characters in the opps room including Paul Campbell as Billy Morgan and Smith Cho as Zoe Chae whose quirky characters, interactions and lines seem ready to take on Alia’s Marshall Finkman and 24’s Chloe O’Brian as show stealers.

Quips of the Knight (paraphrased):

Exchange 1:

Billy Morgan: “I hold advanced degrees in computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and chemistry.

Zoe Chae: “I speak 9 different languages. We should make a baby.”

Exchange 2:

Mike Traceur: “My father’s real name was Michael Long.

Zoe Chae: “Michael Long? Sounds like a porn star.

Mystery Man

Another interesting take the story writer’s have taken with our new Michael Knight? He’s a man of mystery as parts of his past seem to be blocked from his memory. In the season premiere Knight comes across different opps in the field who know him but he has no clue who they are or how they met. A former Iraqi War vet K.I.T.T.’s scan of his service records indicate tons of classified files and gaps in service records stretching weeks or months at a time with Traceur having NO CLUE as to what happened. Man with a mysterious past and missing memories? Hey, it’s helped Wolverine‘s longevity for 30+ years.

I won’t get into too much depth as to the episode itself but all I can say is that hopefully this Knight Rider incarnation gains good traction and doesn’t blow out its tires like so many other revival attempts of the past.

Buckle in for the adventure as Michael Knight and K.I.T.T. ride off to save the world once again – 2K8 style.


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