Episode Review: Heroes – “One of Us, One of Them”

Quote: “Popcorn?” – Hiro Nakamura

Heroes Season 3 Episode 3 for me was a bit of a mixed bag. Don’t get me wrong, the episode was just as fun and entertaining as any other but there were bits that were somewhat disappointing for me (I’ll get to that in a bit). Perhaps my expectations are too high? On the plus side we got quite a bit of questions answered. On the down side I’m of the opinion the writer’s have perhaps closed off some interesting possibilities for the future by neutering some of the potentially interesting villians we met. Anyway, here we go…

Storyline Tracker

Hiro and Ando: Batman and Robin journey to Germany to hunt down the Nakamura Clan’s secret formula that Catwoman (Daphne the Flash) stole. In some pretty hilarious scenes they confront both Daphne and the returning Haitian. Internal animosities flare up between our two bff’s which lead to a malfunction at the junction and capture by our favorite big, spooky Black dude of Power Negation abilities. Nemesis Daphne makes off with both halves of the formula for the big pay day. Hiro and Ando are locked up on Level 5.

Parkman and the Shaman: Parkman’s spiritual journey continues in the African wilderness with the mysterious African Precog Painter. Seemingly this Precog only has (third) eyes for Parkman’s future as all the works we see are of Parkman’s life and times. That’s kinda creepy imho… Like with Mendez, we see the Shaman go into the “White-Eyed Zombie Zone” as he paints Parkman’s future. In the capstone to this storyline for this episode Parkman partakes of some (presumably) funky herbs and (presumably rap, j/k) music off the Shaman’s “Walkman of Insight” and enters the “White-Eyed Zombie Zone” himself thus opening his Third Eye to the infinite knowledge of the Universe. Lesson: Wanna see the future? Drug yourself up and listen to rap music 🙂

Claire: Wanting to learn how to fight Claire asks her birth mother Meredith to train her. She gets more than she bargains for as Meredith humbles her and advises her that “there’s nothing wrong with being just a 17 year-old girl.” Claire has other plans…

Peter Petrelli: Current Peter remains trapped in Jesse’s body and once revealed to Knox and Flint gets the Smackdown layed on him until he trigger’s Jesse’s power. Future Peter appears and frees Peter and takes him to the future to show him why he’s done what he’s done.

Tracy Strauss and Micah: We get our “Where’s Nikki” questions answered as Tracy Strauss tracks down Nikki and Micah to the New Orleans home Micah was last seen in last season. Tracy sees Nikki’s remains lying in state in her coffin and Micah thinks his mom’s returned from beyond for a sec. Through his power of Technopathy Micah researches Nikki and Tracy’s birth records and reveals they have the same birth date, were born in the same hospital and delivered by the same doctor. Tracy tracks down the doctor who reveals that he “created” her. Lesson: Ali Larter apparently will always have a job because even if Tracy Strauss bites the big one later this season or next season there’s apparently an army of Super-Bowered Nikki/Tracy clones to fill in the gap.

Sylar and Bennett: Bennett recaptures Flint and Jesse with Sylar’s help. Recidivism is Sylar’s middle name though as he can’t help himself and kills Jesse to take his power. Flint winds up locked up in Level 5 and Sylar gets returned to his cell as well. Knox makes a getaway.


The episode was fun. The interplay between Hiro and Ando and Bennett and Sylar respectively was hilarious. See “Lines of the Night” below. My biggest gripe with this episode was the way the writer’s treated the villains he’d seen built up over the last few episodes. To note: Magneto (The German) was killed off by his own partner Knox. Tell me an electromagnetism-wielding bad guy wouldn’t have ruled to see develop? (Hey, it worked for some OTHER super-hero franchise out there). Black Bolt (Jesse) was dispatched by Sylar after being built up last episode (“You don’t want to know what Jesse can do” – Noah Bennett). With the theme of season three being called “Villains” we are now down two. I sure hope Level 5 has more baddies to be tracked down as I just feel we kinda wasted two potentially interesting baddies. Not that we lack a Rogues Gallery between Daphne, Adam Monroe, Parkman’s Dad, the still-at-large Knox and the semi-rehabbing Sylar.

Question Threads:

1. Why is the Shaman so in tuned to Parkman’s life? Who is the woman shown that Parkman (or his dad???) is carrying? Whatever happened to Molly Walker?

2. What will become of Micah next now that his mom and dad are gone? Whatever became of his cousin Monica?

3. So it seems Nikki, Jessica and Tracy were part of a cloning project. How many more of them are out there?

4. So it seems Daphne’s boss now has this formula that can destroy world. What exactly is this formula?

5. Angela’s vision: has she been successful is changing things to avert it? Surely her manipulation of Sylar is part of it? Is she really Sylar’s mama?

6. No Mohinder or Maya this week?

Lines of the Night

Ando to Daphne: “I know what you’re trying to do. Hiro is my best friend. We will never leave each other’s side.” (turns to look at Hiro who has left to chase after the Haitian.) “Hiro???”

Ando to Hiro: “Quick, she’s getting away. Stop time.
Hiro: [tries to stop time but can’t]
Haitian: [grabs Hiro and Ando
Hiro to Haitian: “Popcorn?”

Sylar to cop: “We’ll need some coffee.”
Sylar to Bennett: “You like decaf, right?”

Next Week

Current Peter sees the Future.


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