Movie/DVD Review: “The Love Guru”

Quote: “Mariska Hargitay” – Guru Pitka

Film: The Love Guru
Starring: Mike Meyers, Jessica Alba, Romany Alco
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Originally Released: June 20, 2008
Watched: October 9, 2008 via Netflix
Ebert Rating: *
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 14%
My Netflix Rating: *** (Liked It)
Wikipedia Entry


Guru Pitka (Mike Meyers) is the #2 guru is the country spreading the Hindi wisdom and gospel of love. Down on her luck hockey team owner Jane Bullard (played by Jessica Alba) enlists Pitka to help her star player Darren Roanoke (Romany Malco) refind his game winning mojo following a rough divorce.


The story of the movie was horrendously cheesy and not overly entertaining. Despite that the film did have a good share of LOL moments. Admittedly most of the gags were cheesy but the film does retain some entertainment value. Verne Troyer (he of Mini-Me fame) co-stars in the film as the hockey team’s coach. Another added bonus of the film, the music rocks as Meyers and crew do cover a wide variety of “money” songs (“More Than Words,” “Working Nine to Five,” “The Joker.”) One part in particular I did like about the film was some of the Guru Pitka’s teachings. While I’m sure Meyers meant many of them in jest, I did find a lot of them to be somewhat on the money and profound. To note:

  1. Bible = Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.
  2. Intimacy = Into Me I See
  3. Nowhere = Now Here

DVD Features

The DVD contained the following set of standard features, all great and fun:

  1. “Mike Meyers and The Love Guru: An Inside Look:” 9 min featurette behind the production.  Standard stuff with the cast giving their thoughts on the film and the producers talking about the film’s overall concept.  The cast looked like they had a ton of fun filming this 🙂
  2. “One Helluva Elephant:”  5 minute 46 second featurette on the production behind the elephant sex scene.  Yup…
  3. “Hockey Training for Actors:” 8 minute featurette on getting the actors prepped for the hockey scenes
  4. Deleted and Extended Scenes: 11 deleted/extended scenes and 1 alternate ending
  5. Bloopers: 3 minutes 50 seconds worth of production bloopers. Pretty funny
  6. “Back In the Booth with Trent and Jay:” 5 minute reel of outtakes of the hockey announce team
  7. Outtakes and More: 10 minutes worth
  8. Theatrical Trailer
  9. Previews

Overall the DVD features were probably better than the actual film itself, believe it or not 🙂

The Verdict

This movie was definitely “below average” and could probably use a “Self-Help” guru of its own. It wasn’t Meyers best outing but it has its moments.  Is it worth watching?  I’d say it’s a “flip a coin movie.” It’s not a total disaster per se and has some entertaining qualities but you won’t miss anything if you never see it.

Flip A Coin if you wish to watch but Save Your Money and pass on the purchase


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