Episode Review: Heroes – “I Am Become Death”

Quote: “You always sucked at tug of war.” – Ando to Hiro while breaking out of prison.

This was a great episode as a ton of storyline was pushed forward and groundwork for the rest of the season was laid out. For those of you keeping track of the storylines here we go…

Storyline Tracker

Peter, Sylar and Claire: Future and Current Peter travel four years back to the future where Current Peter sees a world full of super-powered beings. Future Peter tells Current Peter they’ll need Sylar’s Intuitive Comprehension ability to figure out the complexities of restoring the timeline. Future Claire and the Future Haitian show up and kill Future Peter and Current Peter barely escapes. Peter seeks out Future Mohinder for assistance and finds him fully morphed into something “not quite human” as he screwed up the formula. Through him Peter finds the fully domesticated Future Gabriel and his son (???) Noah. After the shock wears off Peter convinces Future Gabriel to teach him to access his power. Future Claire, Future Knox and Future Daphne show up to kill Peter (tracked with the help of Future Molly) and in the midst of a super-rumble young, innocent Noah becomes a victim of the assassin squad. Future Sylar goes nuclear and destroys all of Costa Verde in his anger and grief. Captured post Nuke, Peter is tortured by Future Claire till Future Nathan intervenes. Now possessed of Sylar’s insatiable quest for knowledge Future Peter almost kills Future Nathan and teleports back to the present to confront Present Sylar on how to control the ability.

Parkman: Still in the African wilderness with the Precog Shaman, Parkman dons the “Rap Music Spewing Walkman of Precognition” and partakes of God’s Herbs to open his Third Eye where he sees Current Peter’s Future scenario play out before him. He sees his marriage to Daphne, the child they have together and their raising of Molly Walker. He sees Sylar going nuclear and the Shaman’s vision comes true as Daphne, though escaping the blast to return to Matt, dies in his arms as she “wasn’t fast enough.”  Parkman comes to after his vision, consults with the Shaman and then follows his “Totem” (the turtle he first saw upon wakening in the desert) even deeper into the African wilderness.

Mohinder and Maya: Mohinder continues to devolve as he slowly succumbs to the base emotion of anger. He turns Maya away and intervenes in a neighbor’s domestic despite kicking his neighbor’s @$$ at the beginning and end of the episode

Nathan Petrelli & Tracy Strauss: Tracy tracks down the doctor who “created” her and learns of her other triplet Barbara. She learns that she and her sisters were genetically endowed with their powers at the behest of a “Company.” Disturbed she pleads with the doctor to remove her powers but he claims that he was made to “forget.” Grief-stricken she attempts to turn herself in for the death of the news reporter but she continues to lose control of her powers. She resigns as Nathan’s Chief of Staff and attempts suicide. Parallel to this Nathan continues to receive political advice from Linderman’s Spirit while asking for God’s. The Higher Power advises him to save Tracy. They reveal their powers to each other and finding her soulmate in Nathan, Tracy shares a passionate kiss with him. Fast forward 4 years to Future Peter’s world we learn Nathan in this timeline becomes President as well, this time with Tracy Strauss (or maybe Barbara, lol) as his First Lady.

Hiro & Ando: Hiro and Ando remain trapped in Level 2 and patch up their differences as they attempt to escape (to MUCH comical effect). Their attempt is thwarted as they are caught by The Haitian. Angela Petrelli intervenes and shares with them the danger the world is in at the loss of the formula the Nakamura clan guarded as it is the formula that gives people powers. She frees them to find the one person who knows how to track down the formula — the buried alive Takezo Kensei/Adam Munroe.


I LOVED this episode. We learned a ton and got some great action scenes as well. So it seems it was NOT Mohinder’s doing that gave everyone in the world “Black Market” powers but rather the long-buried/guarded Formula the Company developed that gave Nikki/Tracy/Barbara (and who knows who else) powers. Who’s attempting to put the formula back together? Commercials for tomorrow’s episode seems to indicate that it just maybe Papa Petrelli’s doing…

Question Threads:

  1. Why do future Claire and company consider Peter to be an Extremist/Terrorist who needs to be killed/stopped at all cost? What the heck did Future Peter do??? How did Claire become so cold? What will happen when Current Peter next meets the current Claire?
  2. It’s been two episodes since we’ve seen Elle. What’s up with her? Apparently the writer’s don’t know either as the Sprint commercial/contest asks for our input (1. Track down Sylar, 2. Take care of the Company or 3. Go to college).
  3. Future Sylar domesticates and has a son. (???) Who’s the mother???
  4. Who’s trying to put the formula back together? Is it Papa Petrelli? What does Adam Munroe have to do with it?
  5. Armed with Sylar’s Intuitive Comprehension powers, Peter in theory now has the power to change the timeline, provided he can control his “hunger.” The question still remains though, SHOULD the timeline be tampered with?
  6. How the heck do Daphne and Parkman wind up together? Where is Molly NOW? How much longer till Parkman gets back to America? Will the Shaman stay with him?
  7. Where is Knox currently?

Tune in tomorrow. Heroes airs at 8:00 p.m. HST on NBC.


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