Get Yo’ Laugh On: Halloween Edition!!!

Dear Peeps:

Join the players of Laughtrack Theater for an all-out Halloween Bash THIS FRIDAY, October 31, 2008 at 9pm. Offical show runs from 9pm – 11pm. All-star blow out bash at midnight. Read below for the official Press Release.

ps: I’ll be playing 🙂 It’ll be my debut.

Laughtrack Theater Company Hosts a Horror Show This Friday October 31st

Laughtrack Theater Co., Hawaii’s only theater dedicated to the art of improvisation, hosts its first Halloween Special with the repertory players of Laughtrack Theater.

Laughtrack, an improv theater and training center, will focus improv on the horror genre with three performances Friday night. The first is a homage to horror movies past and present. The second performance piece will feature ghost stories. The third performance piece about a relationship gone horribly wrong. There will be short games that will involve the audience in between performances, such as The Nightmare and Blind as a Bat Freeze Tag. Each performance is completely improvised and unscripted, so are the games. After the shows, the audience is invited to stay and celebrate Halloween with the cast and audience at the theater’s Oh the Horror! after party (Admission is included in ticket price). At midnight there will be a Midnight Madness Jam in which the audience is invited to join the performers on stage and try their hand at improvisation, no experience necessary. Don’t be scared!

Laughtrack Theater Co. is located at 1123 Bethel Street (directly across the street from the Hawaii Theatre). For reservations call 384-3362.

Performances begin at 9:00 p.m.; doors open at 8:30 p.m.

Admission: $15 at the door (includes ticket, wristband, and entry to after party)

Laughtrack Theater is Co Owned and operated by Shannon Winpenny, graduate of such famed improvisational theaters as Second City and iO (formerly Improv Olympic). She’s returned to her home of Hawaii after a ten-year stint studying and performing improv all over the country. She is also currently the instructor for the Training Center.

For more information or to interview, please contact Kim Potter at 384-3362 or email at


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