Boston Legal Finale: “Made in China” & “Last Call”

If you’ve read me for a long time you will know that one of my favorite guilty pleasures on television is (or I suppose was) David E. Kelley’s “Boston Legal.”  I have long been a fan of Kelley’s writing and how he ingeniously intertwines humor along with important social issues most of us are not even aware of.  I was simply devastated this past summer when I learned Boston Legal would be taking its final bow this year.  I became even more distressed when I learned the season would be abbreviated and would be ending with a half-run in December!!!!

Alas…my beloved Boston Legal aired its finale this past Monday but in true David E. Kelley fashion it went down swinging!!!!

Why did I love Boston Legal so much?

1.  Quirky Characters:  From the quirky main cast to the quirky recurring guest characters, Boston Legal just had the most hilarious characters from the lascivious name partner Denny Crane to the sarcastic Alan Shore to the quirky Jerry Espenson to the revolving cast of quirky judges (Judge Brown was my favorite) Boston Legal had a literal managerie of ingenious characters.  They were a total hoot, that’s what they were 🙂 *nod to Melvin Palmer*

2.  Tackling the Issues:  Much like it’s predecessor The Practice, Boston Legal and Kelley were not afraid to tackle the key issues of the day and never failed to educate me on things I was not aware of.  A vast majority of the cases brought up on the show tackled very relevant issues that more public policy debate should occur around.  Sadly enough, I doubt that really occurs.

3.  Hilarious!!!  Boston Legal had a great knack of “Breaking the 4th Wall” with the characters poking fun and making many a “wink wink nudge nudge” to the audience.  My favorite 4th wall moments were the ones where Kelley and the cast would basically give ABC the FU for relegating it to the “B” line-up, especially toward the end of Season 5.  Carl Sack espousing Boston Legal’s awesomeness for marketing toward the “Over 50 demographic” in the second to last episode was gold 🙂

So…my thoughts on the Final Episode?

1.  Crane, Poole and Schmidt becoming financially insolvent in the world financial crisis was gold.  Very much plausible.  The firm being bought out by the Chinese and being renamed “Chang, Poole and Schmidt” sucks!!!

2.  Denny and Alan arguing before the Supreme Court and winning Denny’s right to try out an experimental Alzheimer’s Drug was gold!!!  Perfect way to end the series.

3.  Denny and Alan marrying each other to pass out Denny’s estate was interesting.  Just another example of how Boston Legal was on the cutting edge of social issues.  The whole gay marriage thing and it’s legal debates are awesome stuff.  Homosexual lovers?  Nah.  Committed “life partners” who sincerely love one another.  Sure.  Denny and Alan definitely do have a legitimate love for one another.  Who’s to say they can’t marry one another if the law allows same-sex marriages.

4.  Jerry and Katie.  Right on Jerry!!!  Jerry Espenson was one of my favorite characters on the show.  He was the “lifetime loser” who never got a break because he was deemed, “too weird” by others.  I know the feeling.  The guy ends the series by finally making partner, standing up to a bully and bagging the girl.  Perfect ending!

I’m a bit saddened not all of the previous cast made their way back for the finale.  It was nice to see Edwin Poole at the Thanksgiving episode prior to the shows end but what about other former alums like Brad Chase, Jeffrey Coho, Clarence Bell, Lori Coulson, Claire Simms, Tara Wilson or Sally Heep?

In all, I’m very bummed my Denny Crane has tried his last case and been put out to pasture but I’m sure we’ll see old Shat in a Priceline commercial soon enough.

Denny Crane!!!


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