Year End Donations

With the end of the year approaching I’d like to quickly plug some of the charities I supported this year for those of you looking for a last minute donation for your taxes. Economic times are rough but it’s important to Pay It Forward to get good karma back for the New Year. Here are my picks and reasoning why:

Wikipedia Affiliate Button

Wikipedia’s become such an invaluable part of my day.  Much like Google itself I find myself referring to Wikipedia several times on a daily basis.  In the age of Web 2.0 Wikipedia stands as a shining example of what we as a human race can accomplish when we work together.  Unbeknownst to many though Wikipedia is ran by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation and they need help of people like you and I, its daily users, to help maintain the servers and bandwidth requirements needed to run the site daily.  As the site says, Wikipedia is there for you everyday — now it needs you!!!

UH Foundation

Education is one of the best gifts and opportunities you will ever receive in your lifetime.  Education frees you to a greater conscienceness and hopefully it empowers you with marketable job skills to build a long and satisfying career and livelihood.  December 19, 2008 marked my 9th anniversary of receiving my Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa.  I choose to make an annual gift each year back to the School of Communication as a token of my gratitude for the livelihood my degree and the training the school provided me has allowed me to achieve.

Ke Ai’i Pauahi Foundation

In that same vein, the Ke Ali’i Pauahi Foundation is the fundraising unit of the Kamehameha Schools which seeks to raise funds for scholarships for Hawaiian youth.  I am very proud of my Kamehameha education and the opportunities this excellent school have given me.  December 19 marks Pauahi’s birthday and is commemorated annually at Kamehameha as “Founder’s Day.”  Each year I choose to commemorate it with a donation to the Foundation to help educate Hawaiian youth as I too was educated through this remarkable legacy.  This time out I designated my gift specifically to the “Early Childhood Education” fund as my work in the education field leads me to believe that the stronger foundation and grounding we can give our children earlier in their development the better off they will be in the longer run throughout their lives.  It’s important to reach them when they are young and get them down the right path.

Hawaiian Humane Society and the Hawaii Dog Foundation

We are tremendous animal lovers.  This is evidenced by the tons of donations we receive each and everyday in the mail from various animal rights and advocacy groups.  In better years we’ve given to these groups but in this tough year we’ve scaled back our giving to what’s closest to home.  If you’re a local animal lover please give to our very own Hawaiian Humane Society or the Hawaii Dog Foundation and help a poor animal in need.

Nature Conservancy and World Wildlife Fund

Let’s face it, there is NO SHORTAGE of literature regarding our dying planet.  Those of us who have walked the earth for a good amount of time can easily see the sad shape it has gotten in even in just the past decade alone.  Go Green and support both these organizations dedicated to saving our planet.  No earth = no human race — period!!!


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