Giving Thanks: 2009 Edition

I can’t believe how quickly it seems this year has come and gone.  So much has happened this year (if you know how to find me on Twitter you can read about it all there since I’ve been gone from here) and there is most definitely a lot to be thankful for.  Reflecting back on the past year here are some things I am most thankful for:

  1. Family:  One of my ongoing resolutions the past several years was to make more time for my family.  Fate, in its own strange way, helped bring this about with my mom’s ongoing illness.  While not the ideal way one would wish to be brought closer together I’ve enjoyed catching up and spending more time with my folks while they are still here with us in this world.  As we celebrate Thanksgiving 2009 I am very thankful Mom and Dad (and my childhood doggie Chico) are still here.  I’m thankful for reconnecting with a lot of the extended family who’ve come out to help Mom.  Last but not least, I’m thankful for Shell, Rocky and Sasha who continue to make the all the crap you go through in life worthwhile.
  2. Career:  In this time of economic bust where a LOT of people are hurting and hurting bad I’m thankful to have not only a job but a thriving career.  2009 has seen my career which I’ve worked hard and sacrificed at for many years skyrocket to another level.  Lord willing, I am hopeful to fulfill some major career goals in 2010.
  3. Health:  While I didn’t quite fulfill any of my health goals this year I’m still thankful to have relatively good health and still have the capacity to enjoy training (when I get around to doing it).  Hopefully I’ll motivate myself to be good in the new year and follow through on my diet and exercise goals.
  4. Friends:  Like the past several years, the power of Social Networking continues to amaze me as more and more people from my past turn up out of the wood work.  Beyond that, I’m thankful for all my homies, Improv peeps, dojo brothers and sisters and co-workers and classmates who make this journey through life fun.
  5. Travel:  Despite a crap economy, 2009 was the year I had a chance to literally get out and see the world as I got to travel to Hilo, Boston, NYC, Portland and Forks, WA.  GPS at our side and online travel sites to prep, I enjoyed each destination along the way.

In a year when a ton of people are hurting with the down economy I really am thankful for all the blessings I have and continue to have.

I’ll be back in a few weeks with my Year In Review recap.

Happy Thanksgiving peeps 🙂


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