Thanksgiving 2010

It’s been a very long time (almost a year actually) since I’ve updated with a new Post.  Needless to say, MUCH has happened during that time…

  • I got to travel to Washington D.C. for the very first time for work
  • I graduated with another Masters degree
  • My career continued to climb to the next level
  • I spent several weeks in the summer on Maui for work and family
  • I enjoyed a nice vacation enjoying the buffets and stage shows of Vegas
  • I had the unique opportunity and privilege to work on a successful Gubernatorial campaign
  • I saw countless wonderful plays, shows and concerts
  • I lost my Mother somewhat unexpectedly…

In a year that was otherwise shaping up to be a banner year in my life, the loss of my Mother  will forever leave a bitterseet taste on it as I look back and in all honesty will be the one thing I remember most as I look back on 2010 in the years ahead.

On this occasion of Thanksgiving I simply wish to, as always, reflect on my blessings and not on the negative aspects of the year that was.

First and foremost, I thank God for the life of my Mother.  I thank Him for the full life that she led.  I thank Him for all the love she had and the friendships (of which there were MANY) that she shared and the lives that she touched.  I thank Him for the time that we shared with her and the love she gave us each and every day.  I thank Him for the values she taught us which have carried us and helped us achieve the success we have in life.  I thank Him for blessing me with her as my Mother and I thank Him for keeping her in His arms in Heaven.

Beyond that, I thank the Lord for His continued blessings on us:  a fulfilling career, a good education, excellent life experiences and wonderful family and friends.

2010 will always be marred as the year I lost my Mother and while that loss is something I will never ever truly get past (I will ALWAYS miss her physical presence in my life), I am forever thankful for having had her and I am forever thankful for the many other blessings 2010 bestowed upon me.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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