Laid to Rest: Home At Last

Note from Author:  Today we laid my Mom to rest beside my Grandparents.  Here are the remarks I delivered at the burial service.  This event concluded our 4-day family reunion in honor of our Grandparents.

Seventy-two years ago, the love of our grandparents, Kinney and Katie Kama, buried on this spot whom we also honor today as we have over the past several days, through the miracle of the Lord who grants all life, produced and brought into this world our mother, Charlotte Leionaonapunaikealaokahalaamekahinano Kama Wong.  Through their love, nurture and guidance, she was reared with good values which served and saw her through the many long years of her life through both the joys and the inevitable hardships that life brings. Grandma and Grandpa passed on to Mom the values of aloha, love, ‘ohana, family, mana o’i’o, faith, mana’olana, hope, pa’ahana, hard work, kuleana, responsibility, ha’aha’a, humility, ‘olu’olu, pleasantness, and le’ale’a, fun.  Ultimately these are the values she passed on to us through her good example through all the years we were together and in turn we too will continue to pass these same values on to the next generation.  As it has always been, as it always shall be in the history of the human race from one generation to the next.

While we are sad and will always miss Mom’s physical presence, in this season of Thanksgiving we offer praise and thanks to the Lord above for the gift that was our Mother and for the life she lived and was blessed with.  Though her physical life is no more she will never die, for her memory, her legacy, her mana lives on through us and continues through the values she taught, the many stories and memories of her deeds and the Immortal love and spirit that we all shared.

Forty-six years ago Mom left Hilo and the house of her parents to forge her own life and her own legacy.  She found love, she raised two boys to adulthood, she had a successful career, she traveled the world, she enjoyed many lasting, lifelong friendships and she saw the birth of her grandchildren.  Today we close and complete the eternal Circle of Life for our Mother as we lay her to rest and return her whence she came.  In the tradition of our people, the Kanaka Maoli who have lived upon this land for 100 generations, we return her ‘iwi to the ‘aina of her birth, this great land, Hilo of Chief Hanakahi, Moku O Keawe.  We return her to lay beside her parents whom she missed so dearly and who we honored and remembered here this past weekend, Kinney Ka’aumoana and Katie Manoa A’i Kama who returned to Heaven some 30 years ago.  And finally, we return her to the Lord whom she trusted in and loved with all her heart.  Mom came into this world through love some seventy-two years ago and it was that same love that she passed into on a quiet Saturday morning just some 3 short months ago almost to the day.  Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, where we all come from and to where we all return.  Today we return our Mom’s ashes to the earth, in the land of her birth beside her parents where she’ll rest till the day we all rise again in the Glory of Our Lord.  Rest in Love Mom…


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