Nitpicking Wrestlemania 27

My thoughts on Wrestlemania 27

Rock opening promo:

Not quite as epic as I’m sure they wanted it to come across.  A bit too long in my opinion and didn’t really say much of anything.  Bleh.

Cutting the Sheamus (c) vs. Daniel Bryan match for the U.S. Title from the televised show:

So they cut an advertised match to allocate more time for some other important things burying too of the bigger breakout stars of the past 2 years?  Oy…

Snoop Dogg bit:

Hilarious and it did give some camera time for guys not booked on the show.  While entertaining the time would have been better served having an actual match (ie — the Sheamus vs. Bryan match).

PeeWee Herman bit:

Completely POINTLESS and LAME segment that did NOTHING for the show.  Would’ve been better served having an actual match (ie — Sheamus vs. Bryan).

Match 1:  Edge (c) over Del Rio to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

I can’t believe they used a World Title match to curtain jerk the PPV broadcast.  Seriously????  Yeah it was a great match but are we supposed to take the title, the Smackdown brand, Edge or Del Rio seriously with them curtain jerking?  Geez.  Match itself was awesome.  Christian, Clay and Rodriguez running interference was great.  Personally I think they should’ve pulled the trigger on the Christian turn (it looked like it when he had the lead pipe).  Edge beating Del Rio clean pretty much kills Del Rio who’s been pushed to the moon thus far.  Not too sure what they’re gonna do with him, Edge or Christian next.  Story would be much more compelling had either Del Rio gone over or Christian turning.

Match rating:  3.5/5
Story progression potential:  dead in the water

Match 2:  Cody Rhodes over Rey Mysterio

Great match between these two!  Love Rhodes’ character.  Rey coming out as Captain America (to complement Flash and Silver Surfer in prior years) was awesome!  Loved the storytelling with each guy working the knee brace and face mask.  Rey had great spots as usual.  Cody doing the stalling superplex was awesome.  Personally I thought Rey should’ve won to finish the storyline but Cody going over may just keep the feud going which is fine by me.

Match rating:  3.5/5
Story progression potential:  good

Match 3:  Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella and Kofi Kingston over The Corre

Match was a DUD plain and simple.  The Corre is officially dead in the water after jobbing under two minutes.  Sure the match should have been short but not two minutes on a four hour show!  I chalk it up to Pee Wee Hermand and Snoop Dogg striking again.  Seriously, if they needed to save time for those lame extra segments THIS IS THE MATCH TO HAVE CUT not the Sheamus or Brian match.  Months of storytelling down the drain for that?  Sure these guys still hold all the belts on Smackdown but can we take them seriously after that humiliating loss?   These guys will need to run roughshod over the roster to restore their heat over the next few weeks.  Not sure what’s next for all these guys.  I assume Kofi goes after Barrett for his belt and either Kane and Show or Santino and Kozlov go after Gabriel and Slater?

Match rating:  DUD
Story progression potential:  ????

Match 4:  Randy Orton over CM Punk

Easily one of the top matches of the night.  Definitely best match from a technical standpoint.  Great storytelling with Punk working Orton’s leg.  Lot of solid spots in this match.  Orton gets the clean win with the RKO out of nowhere but the ending is ambiguous enough to where they can continue the feud with Punk claiming to lose via fluke or they can end the feud and move on to other things.

Match rating:  4/5
Story progression material:  good

Match 5:  Michael Cole over Jerry “The King” Lawler via lame screwjob decision reversal

Match was fun in parts but was honestly way too long with poor Lawler actually needing to sell Cole’s lame offense.  Screwjob decision reversal ruins this and leaves a really sour taste in the mouth.  Sure it was great to see King make his “comeback,” nail the fist drop and make Cole scream and tap like a **** and to see Austin stun Swagger but the post match B.S. just RUINED things.  Why overturn the decision and award Cole the victory?  Like he needs heel heat or something?  Are they planning on keeping this feud going?  Booker T and Josh Matthews eat a Stunner but Cole doesn’t???  Cole’s been booked as the biggest heel for close to a year now.  Folks paid HUGE money to see him get destroyed!  Here’s how it SHOULD have been booked:

Cole **** slaps King.

King takes him down for the merciless ground and pound.  Mudhole stomping in the corner.

Swagger tries to interfere, eats a Stunner by Austin.

Strap down.

Fist drop.

Jumping Piledriver.


Celebration beer bash with Austin and King!

Cole groggily gets to his feet, Stunner by Austin.  Austin, King and J.R. gave Cole the beer bath to send the crowd home happy.

Instead we get an overly long match.  A screwjob finish and Stunners going out to folks who no one really wanted to see stunned.

Ideally this match should have gone on AFTER Taker vs. Triple H to be the short, fun, palette cleanser leading up to Miz vs. Cena but this crap was just way overbooked.


Match rating:  2.5/5
Story progression potential:  God, help us.

Match 6:  Undertaker over Triple H

Epic storytelling in this one.  While no where near Shawn vs. Taker I or II it was a very well told story.  Taker shows his resilience but a clear message is sent that Triple H OWNED Taker with the merciless beatdown where Triple H could have choose to pin and cover for the win several times but didn’t.  Taker squeaks by to win via Hell’s Gate submission outta nowhere to go 19 – 0 and does a major sell job at the end to set the stage for a potential rematch next year.

Match rating:  4/5
Story progression potential:  good

Match 7:  John Morrsion, Trish Stratus and Snooki over Dolph Zigglar and LayCool

So this match gets the palette cleanser spot leading to the main event.  Celebrities getting in the ring is always a bit controversial but this match served its purpose.  Snooki getting the win for the team was the right move as the goal is to get headlines.  The fact Snooki actually pulled of a jumping handspring corner elbow (???) and a cartwheel splash to pin (???) was unexpected but very awesome!  Give the girl props where it’s due!  Trish did a great job of taking care of LayCool single-handedly.  Sure it sucks for Morrison and Zigglar (two of 2K10 – 2K11’s huge breakout starts) to take a backseat and be an after thought to a reality show b-list celebrity and retired wrestler/temporary trainer but that’s how it goes sometimes

Match rating:  3/5
Story progression potential:  N/A (hopefully Snooki goes peacefully her way)

Match 8:  Miz over John Cena

The best part of this match was the promo videos bringing Miz and Cena out.  The Miz video package was, to quote a term, #awesome!!! as was the Cena package with the choir build up and “prayer” track going over it.  Truly get pieces of art from the production team.

That said, WWE continues the weird tradition of giving Cena an overproduced, out-of-nowhere entrance at Mania.  The car smashing through the glass?  Awesome!  The 100 Cena’s doing the “You Can’t See Me”?  Awesome!  The Chicago Mafia?  Eh…  This year’s choir, last year’s military drill team honor guard, and the marching band before that?  Lame.

Match itself was ho-hum standard Miz vs. Cena fare we see every week on Raw (sadly).

Screwjob double-count out at the end?  Oy.

Rock coming out to restart and then causing Cena the match?  Predictable but execution sucked.

I actually would’ve had out their at ringside throughout to add the “unpredictability” factor so you didn’t need that screwy double count out to cause a restart.  Rock could’ve been ringside and interfered at any point.  While a bit more predictable it’s waaaaaay better than a heat killing double count out screwy finish.

Rock’s beatdown of Miz at the end?  Predictable but fun.

Rock standing tall over two of WWE’s biggest stars to close the show?  Sends the crowd home happy for sure, but unless he’s coming back for an extended run WWE just killed the momentum of two of their biggest stars.  Not good business in my view…

Overall thoughts:

Show gets a C+ from me.  Matches on a whole were good but booking for Cole vs. Lawler, Cena vs. Miz, Edge vs. Del Rio and Corre vs. Smackdown Faces (basically half the card) leave me scratching my head.

Cole vs. Lawler booking was especially disappointing and lead to me to think WWE, at least on that count, is very out of touch with the fanbase.  Rock leaving WWE’s biggest face and heel laying at the biggest show of the year just does not do anything positive for the promotion unless the Great One were planning to come back on a regular basis (which is unlikely).  The Corre match was a travesty.  Edge vs. Del Rio seems to leave all three major players (Edge, Del Rio and Christian) in limbo with nothing to do Post-Mania.  The celebrity skits with Snoop Dogg and Pee Wee Herman did nothing to really add to the show and in the case of Herman SERIOUSLY detracted from the show leading.  Seriously, WWE cut Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan for that lame crap and the extended King vs. Cole match.

Word is WWE is changing is name from World Wrestling Entertainment to just WWE so they’re no longer viewed as a “wrestling” company as they wish to be known purely as an “Entertainment” company.  With more focus on lame celebrity spots and less wrestling matches they’re well on their way there.  Sadly, they’re not quite as “entertaining” as they’d like to be.

Overall, decent to great matches but the booking sucked.


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