Day 1: Downtown Disney and La Nouba!

For our first night in town we decided to keep things easy and just take in a show and do some shopping.  Downtown Disney was the place for this.

We rolled in a little after 4pm (La Nouba tix had to be picked up by 5pm, or else) and the place was fairly busy still (it would be atrociously packed AFTER we got out of the show at 8pm) and with the beating sun it was just “phew.”

Day 1:  Downtown Disney and La Nouba

We picked up our Lab Nouba tix and had about an hour to kill before the doors opened so we just window shopped at the nearby stores and got some drinks as it was just too hot to go all around.

And then it was showtime!!!

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a HUGE Cirque du Soleil fan (well, now you know if you didn’t!)  One of my Bucket List items (still a blog post in the works) is to catch all the Cirque du Soleil shows (6 down, about 20 more to go!).  Realistically this isn’t possible as most of the shows will NEVER make it out to Hawaii so I’m settling for catching all the resident shows that I can travel to and consider anything that makes it out our way a bonus.  Seeing that WDW had a resident Cirque show I was sooooo like, “I’m there!”

Day 1:  Downtown Disney and La Nouba

La Nouba did not disappoint!  The La Nouba theatre is quite a bit smaller compared to the cavernous show rooms I’ve come to expect from Vegas so even the cheap seats in the back give you a great view of the show as the venue is just very intimate. Sadly, I wasn’t aware of this and sprung for the premium seats.  I was in front of the action for sure and have no major regrets but knowing I probably could’ve saved a few bucks…oh well.

If you want a full summary of the show you can visit the Wikipedia page for La Nouba here.

Overall it’s a similar show to most other Cirque shows but I liked the twist they gave to La Nouba.  My personal favorite act was these three cute little girls who did a drill routine with the diabolos.  The crowd went NUTS over them (who could not support three uber-talented kids?)  Another great act was the trick cyclist who did a bunch of acro/aerialbatic tricks.  I wish I had a trick bike like that!  My next favorite acts were a tie between the juggler (who could probably make a good career shooting b-ball with the way he landed the golf balls in the cups he balanced on his head) and the opening jump rope routine guys.  I totally dug the neon/glow-in-the-dark costumes the jump ropers wore! Kinda reminded me of a neon Skeletor and/or Suicide (from TNA).  The other acts were pretty standard Cirque stuff (aerial silks, power track/trampoline and flying trapeze).

What’s next on my Cirque hitlist?  More than likely our next opp will be either in Vegas or NYC.  On our hit list next in Vegas is “Viva Elvis.”  We were supposed to catch it last time we hit Sin City but it was dark that week so we caught “O” instead.  After “Viva Elvis,” “Mystere” would be next on our hit list followed by “Zumanity.”  (Bypassing Criss Angel “Believe.”)  If we hit NYC hopefully Zarkana will be playing the week we stay there.

After finishing the show it was time to get on the shopping spree (lots of gifts needed for the special little nieces and nephews in our lives!)

Of course there was the obligatory Disney gift shop with your standard Disney fare…

Day 1:  Downtown Disney and La Nouba

A big stand-out store we came across was the Vinylmation store that was just FILLED with collectibles.  Some of the sets available were based on Star Wars (of course), muppets, Mr. Potato Head, etc.

Day 1:  Downtown Disney and La Nouba

Day 1:  Downtown Disney and La Nouba

Another standout store was the Candy store.

Day 1:  Downtown Disney and La Nouba

And the magnet store…

Day 1:  Downtown Disney and La Nouba

Being 8pm at night the nightlife at Downtown Disney was just kicking in and a band was playing. (Believe it or not, the sun was STILL up at 8pm…)

Day 1:  Downtown Disney and La Nouba

Next to the band was a human statue with a guitar who I just couldn’t pass up NOT getting a photo op with 🙂

Day 1:  Downtown Disney and La Nouba

And that was our first night at Downtown Disney!

Day 1:  Downtown Disney and La Nouba


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