Pirates Dinner Adventure — Orlando

I love dinner shows while traveling.  You need to eat anyway and you travel for pleasure so other than wanting to save some cash because you’re broke (or cheap) WHY NOT take in a dinner show and knock out two birds at once (meal and entertainment)?

Admittedly, this is only the second interactive dinner show we’ve ever attended.  The first was the Tournament of Kings show at the Excalibur in Vegas way back when in 2004.

I was very psyched for this show when I did my Orlando research and read up on it.  We’ll be taking in this show and the Arabian Nights Dinner show a few nights from now so look for a review on that show as well.

Onwards with the review/recap!

Pirates Dinner Adventure

The Pirates Dinner Adventure show proper runs about an hour half from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  You can check out the official website here for more information and to buy tickets.


Recommended arrival time is 90 minutes before the show which is basically cocktail hour and gift shop time. A “pre-show” starts at 7:00 p.m. with a warm up magic routine and the lead characters whose experiences you follow make their introductions.

The pre-show routine features a magic routine (of sorts) featuring the Gypsy Magician and Gypsy Girl doing an aerial silk routine followed by a shot out of the cannon bit.

Gypsy Magician

Pirates Dinner Adventure

Gypsy Girl Going Aerial

Pirates Dinner Adventure

Cannon Routine

Pirates Dinner Adventure

From there we’re introduced to the two main protagonists of the tale, Dr. Kate something something who’s an archaeologist of sorts and her assistant. Their area of research focus? The pirates who roamed the area. In their research they stumble across an old tome talking about Poseidon’s Curse on a lost pirate ship and how to break it. Lo and behold, the ship makes its return tonight…

Pirates Dinner Adventure

Pirates Dinner Adventure

And as Dr. Kate runs off after the mysteriously reappearing Pirate Ship the stage is set for us to finally enter the dining arena following our colored escorts! (Seating is down by color notated on your dinner tickets and you enter by following your escorting flag bearer).

Pirates Dinner Adventure

The Arena

Once in the arena things are impressive! The center of the arena is the set of the pirate ship and the guest sections are colored for a member of the pirate cast: Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple and probably another color or two that escapes me. The set-up is similar to what I remember for the Tournament of Kings where you sat in a section by country and cheered for your country’s Knight. Same deal here as you get to cheer on your Pirate during the competitive portions of the show.

Pirates Dinner Adventure

Pirates Dinner Adventure

The Interaction

The show’s advertising touts it as THE MOST interactive dinner and they have a pretty good claim to it! There are several portions of the show where audience members do get to either interact with the pirates or come up on stage. Heck, ***I*** got to be a part of the show interacting with the cast during one of the competition scenes seconding our pirate during a contest against the other pirates. Other opportunities for interaction: a “swearing in” ceremony where the kids in the audience get to go up and swear in the audience as members of the pirate crew, a scene right before a mutiny scene, and the grand finale.

The Storyline and Action

The Storyline basically follows the adventures of our two protagonists as they attempt to help the pirates break Poseidon’s Curse to free themselves from eternal limbo. In between they get to meet the cast of pirates and become embroiled in a plot of treachery. Lots of swashbuckling action and merriment abounds as the pirates duel each other and compete against each other in challenges (BIG PLUS for this martial arts and Ninja Warrior aficionado!). Other merriment occurs as the cast sings and dances. The Gypsy Girl returns a few more times to do some aerial routines (silk or otherwise) and a power track/trampoline comes into play for some additional fun. So perhaps you can say this is a cross between a “Cirque du Soleil, Musical, Drama, Martial Arts flick — with dinner?” Sounds good to me!

The Meal

Your basic ticket gets you a nice 3 course meal.
Course 1: Soup or Salad (soup of the night was a Vegetable Cream Soup, totally delish! Not sure if the soup changes each night).
Course 2: Featured Entree is chicken and pork loin with rice and potato wedges. For extra cost you can upgrade your meal to (in increasing order of expense): Salmon, Filet Mignon or Lobster. (Check out the website for more info).
Course 3 — Dessert: Ice Cream with apple crisp.

Pirates Dinner Adventure

The Verdict

I dug the show! Food was good. Storyline was great. Action was great! (Shoot, ***I*** wouldn’t mind sword fighting/acting for a living!). The show had a little bit of everything to whet/satisfy the palette. Some action, some romance, some Cirque-style goodness, some cheesy comedy, some song and dance all wrapped around a decent story.

Pirates Dinner Adventure

I highly recommend it if you’re in Orlando. A sister show in the franchise is also in Buena Park, CA.

Full set of photos is here.  Note:  photography is NOT allowed during the arena show proper.  Photos in the arena were taken either prior to the show or after the concluded as everyone made their arena exit.


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