Day 4: International Drive

For Day 4 we had to make a change of plans.  Our original plan was to tour Epcot (the one thing **I** was personally really interested in being a big culture buff and tech geek) but after two days of non-stop walking and standing and heat the wife’s body was screaming tap out so instead we shifted our focus to shopping at the malls and getting some Mainland culinary coolness in.  (Conspiracy theorist in me says she planned it this way being a shopoholic and not having a ton of love for museums but I know she’s in total pain and has a hard time with the walking and heat so it’s all good).

For myself I enjoy vacations that are balls to the wall on the go always seeing and doing something, as that’s pretty how I like to approach life.  Her style tends to be more chill, relax and do whatever and/or do nothing at all.  I’m all cool with chillaxing but when you drop a couple of Gs and endure a day long plane ride to go somewhere I prefer to maximize the investment and do and see everything you can before time runs out and you need to hop the plane back home.  In ways our travel styles aren’t really that compatible but what’s most important is we have our time together so anyday spent in the company of the wifey at leisure is a good day. And today definitely qualified as a good day

After a leisurely breakfast at the hotel (our first actually, we’ve managed to sleep through the complimentary continental breakfast everyday this week so far believe it or not!) it was back to bed for a few more zzzzz for her and some FB time for me and then it was off to the Orlando Premium Outlets on International Drive for some shopping.

Orlando Premium Outlets

I’ll readily admit, being a human clothing rack while she tried on all kinds of crazy outfits and hauling shopping bags through the Mall behind her isn’t exactly what I envisioned as a vacation (but I always do so anyway wherever we go for a vacay) as it’s something I do all the time at home but it makes her happy and if she’s happy then all’s good.

After shopping it was time to beat the heat and lo and behold we came across a Sonic!   Having seen the commercials for years and years and never being to one before we just HAD to pull over and try the place out.

Sonic:  International Drive, Orlando

The staff probably thought we were nuts as we parked in the lot and walked in wondering how/where to order but we eventually made our way back to the car and put in our order on the intercom thingy in our stall.  

Sonic:  International Drive, Orlando

Sonic:  International Drive, Orlando

A few minutes later and the car hop gal skates out with our chili tater tots and slushes.  Shiz was good!

Sonic Chili Tater Tots

More cruising around International Drive followed.  This being our one free day (itinerary is packed the rest of our trip with CAN’T MISS events) we definitely wanted to get in some foodie action at a bigger restaurant.  For myself I always try to track down a good churasscaria in whatever town I’m in, assuming there is one.  Folks may remember my D.C. trip in April ended with a trip to Fogo de Chao for some great grub.  Here in Orlando the name is Texas de Brazil and lo and behold we drove right by it on International Drive so that’s where we took in a late lunch/early dinner!

Texas de Brazil:  Orlando

If you’re not familiar with churasscaria it basically is a Brazillian style of steakhouse where the servers come up to your table with different cuts of meat that they’ll offer you and can’t for you right then and there for your plate.  Cuts include various types of steak, pork, chicken, lamb and sausages.  My vegetarian friends are probably gagging right now (sorry guys!) but for the carnivores in the house, how can you NOT love a place where the juiciest cuts of meat walk up to you and asks, “would you like to eat me?”  Much like their approach to jiu-jitsu and capoeira, them Brazilians know how to eat their meat!  Must visit one day… (Add to Bucket List).

Texas de Brazil

Texas de Brazil

Texas de Brazil

If the never ending carnivore train at the churasscaria isn’t your thing, they also do have a HUGE salad bar you can partake it.  Lest you think it’s all meat, we did get our ample share of ruffage in as well.  The sides served with the meat at Texas de Brazil were mashed potatoes and fried bananas.

Another cool bonus? They served a brazillian soda called Guarana which is a cross between a Red Bull and a Sprite.

Texas de Brazil

Overall, the dining experience was just as I remember at Fogo de Chao, the exception being no fried bread as a side dish (THAT was good) but overall, it was a great meal.

At this point just stuffed dead of meat we called it a day and headed back to the hotel for a major kanak attack.

Day ended with a late night dinner with some friends who live in Orlando at this cool Mexican Grille called Lime Fresh.  As always, it’s just nice to partake in some great company over some great food.

Fresh Lime

Fresh Chips


Fresh Lime Burritto

Overall by any measure, it was a nice, relaxing day with the one I love.  Am I bummed I missed out on my chance to see Epcot?  Sure, of course I am.  Am I upset?  No, not at all.  It gives me a good excuse to come back again 🙂

Full set of photos from today are here.


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