Everyday is Thanksgiving: Blessings 2K11

As in years past I always take the Thanksgiving Holiday to reflect back on the year and enumerate all the blessings I am thankful for. This year will be no different as I’ll acknowledge all the awesomeness of life I’ve had the privilege to enjoy over the past year.

As I get older and reflect more though, perhaps especially moreso this year, I’m more cognizant of the fact that EVERYDAY is Thanksgiving (no turkey buffet needed!) Thanksgiving, as we celebrate it, is the day we set aside each year to count our blessings, enjoy the company of our family and friends and enjoy good times. In reality though, is there a day out of the year when we SHOULDN”T be doing those things? Each day I get up I always thank the Lord for another day on the planet and for all the awesome people I have in my life and all the great things I get to enjoy. Everyday is Thanksgiving (just without the crazy amounts of food).

With that said, here’s this years enumerated list of the things I am particularly grateful for this year.

  1. Dad.  Last year brought the complete heartbreak of the passing of my mother.  And while I am forever missing her physical presence in my life I am thankful Dad’s still around.
  2. New opportunities.  2K11 brought the very unexpected opportunity of a brand new job that’s positioned me better for a brighter future.  Though this particular opportunity and path was unexpected I am MOST GRATEFUL for this opportunity, especially after putting in many, many, many years of service waiting for a big break to move up.  While I am saddened to have had to leave behind a workplace and colleagues I truly love with all my being, I am grateful to now have a chance to share my talents and make difference in another venue.  I am proud of the difference in people’s live and accomplishments I had a chance to make at my old job.  I am equally thankful for the chance to hopefully make the same impact at my new job.  I think everyone should be blessed to have a chance to make an impact in multiple places in their lives.
  3. New friends!  The job change has given me a chance to meet a whole new set of awesome people who I am proud to serve with each and everyday I show up at the office as we work to make the lives of our students better and build a better Hawaii and a better world.  Equally, I am very grateful to have met awesome new friends through my hobbies and studies in the martial arts, dance and the world of social media.
  4. Old friends!  Despite leaving my job I am very grateful I’m still able to keep and enjoy the relationships I forged with my friends there.  The thing I miss most about my old job is definitely the people.  With the job change I was sad knowing I wouldn’t be able to see them regularly anymore but thankfully through the power of modern technology I’m glad we can still maintain our relationships and schedules permitting connect for a bite every now and then 🙂  And of course, for all my FB Peeps and Tweeps, you guys make my day everyday just a little more bearable.
  5. My good health (be it as it is)!   I am thankful I’m healthy enough to enjoy a variety of studies in the martial arts and dance disciplines.  This year aside from my studies in kung fu and ecstatic dance I was able to take up some studies in the arts of capoeira, kendo, hot yoga and flamenco dancing.  Variety is the spice of life and I’m thankful I had a chance to try new and exciting things such as this.
  6. Academia.  This year I had a chance to initiate academic studies in Public Administration as well as Peace Studies.  Aside from learning fascinating things through my studies I am thankful to have met a set of AWESOME and brilliant classmates as well as brilliant instructors to learn from.
  7. Travel.  This year, moreso than any other, allowed me a chance to travel very extensively for work and pleasure.  I had a chance to visit  Indianapolis, Boulder and Orlando, three places I’ve never been to before (but hopefully can return to one day).  I had a chance to visit Maui again and will be heading to Vegas shortly.  I’m thankful for the chance to see the world, experience and learn new things and just have fun!
  8. Our passed loved ones.  As in every year, 2K11 saw us bid aloha to family and friends.  Though we are forever sad we won’t be able to see and share more times with our departed friends I am ALWAYS thankful for the times we DID have to share together and I look forward to that one sweet day when we’ll be together again.
  9. Our friends still here.  This year saw some close calls for some of our friends who took ill.  I am MOST GRATEFUL for the restored health of our friends whom we almost lost and look forward to more good times ahead.
  10. Our miracle dog.  I am MOST THANKFUL for the safe return of our dog Pomai who was missing for several months.  Now if we can just get him to behave himself…
  11. Love of family.  I’m thankful for the continued love of family.  Shell, Rocky and Sasha make my day everyday.  Coming home everyday to their unconditional love and support means the world to me and hopefully I hold up my end of the bargain making a living for us to enjoy not only the necessities in life, but some of its finer pleasures as well.

2K11, though there were a few snags here and there, will probably go on record as the best year I’ve had in my life thus far.  Between the career advancement opportunity and the extensive travel it is very hard to beat this year in terms of the blessings that came my way.  I’m curious as to what 2K12 has in wait for me.  One thing is for certain though, despite whatever challenges or successes come my way each day I am ALWAYS thankful for the things I have.  Sure, there are always things I wish I could have but more often than not receiving more of my wants is something beyond my control.  I focus my energies on just being grateful for what I have and maybe, just maybe, with some hard work and a ton of blessings some of my wants can manifest themselves.  In the meantime, I thank God for what He has given me and simply enjoy the ride He takes me on in this life.

Happy Thanksgiving 🙂


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