Maui Spring Break 2014: North Shore Maui Hostel

So for this adventure I decided to give hostel traveling a try.  I had never gone through a hostel before as my normal traveling companions would consider it “roughing” it but since I’m traveling alone I thought, “hey, why not?”

Hostel traveling is COOL.  If you’re into chill laid back communal living hostels are your thing.

You meet and live with people in a dorm like environment.  You cook meals together and you meet like minded folks to try out different activities.  This particular hostel has van service and rental services or partnerships for just about any adventure you want be it surfing, snorkeling, etc.

Hostels are ideal for low budget travelers.  This one ran about $30 a night and with shuttle service wherever you can skip the car rental if you don’t mind waiting for vans.  Meals? Because you cook together I just chipped in 5 bucks into the pot and got 3 meals out of it snarfing down pancakes and fruit for breakfast, swedish meatballs and rice for lunch and Thai food for dinner.

But that frees you up to converse with other travelers from around the globe.  Today alone I met guys from the Mainland destressing from the day job and co-eds on Spring Break from Europe.  I’ve learned a few words in Germand and Dutch.  Most importantly I’ve met potentially lifelong friends who you can always keep in touch with on FB or SMS or if you’re into business contacts — LinkedIn.  That’s something you don’t normally get going the hotel route as you normally just keep to your own.



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