About this Blog and Author

About the 316 Perspective

“The 316 Perspective” is a meandering blog about the life, times and views of its author hawyn316. The author discusses anything and everything from current events in the world and Hawaii to events in his own personal life. Posts may include, but most certainly will not be limited to: movie, tv show, theater, book and restaurant reviews and travel, thoughts on professional wrestling, martial arts, technology innovations, our education system, politics, business, etc. Given the breadth of topics discussed (and ADD tendencies to shift between them at random) you can see why the name of this Blog is “The 316 Perspective.”

About hawyn316
hawyn316 is a Chinese-Hawaiian American 30-something living in Hawaii. A higher education professional by day by night he’s a consultant, life coach, speaker, blogger/author, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, performing artist, world traveler and dog dad of 3.